Lollyphile Goes Way Off The Reservation : Blue Cheese Lollipops

Instead of picking the Blue Cheese lovingly off the top of your Cobb Salad an savoring every bite, why not suck on a smooth ball of it for hours?

Reviewed by Jonny

October 14, 2013


You guys down with Lollyphile?  You should be, because he/she/it/they are seriously twisted.  They’ve taken their love of the lollipop (something we Gurus can for sure relate to) and added flavors that…well let’s just say they traditionally haven’t been best sellers.  Absinthe, Bourbon, Chardonnay?  Check.  Charcuterie, Habanero, Breast Milk?  Yes.  AND YES I SAID BREAST MILK.  Horchata, Strawberry-Basil, Sriracha?  Of course.  Who wouldn’t carry those?  And now, with love, I present for you their latest : the Blue Cheese lolly.



Looks like any other gourmandish lolly. ‘Cept this one’s cheesy.



I love the blue/green color on the pop.  Being a HUGE lover of blue cheese, I was very eager to try this out.  When you unwrap it, you do get a whiff of the classic cheese, but the smell is certainly mild when compared with the taste.



Wow.  Before I break it down, I want to note that I wasn’t a huge fan of Lollyphile’s Sriracha pop.  I LOVE that they made it, as I down bottles of Sri like it’s Chelada.  But I didn’t find a huge resemblance to the actual sauce-just a mildly spicy sweet  lolly.  The Blue Cheese, however, is a different story.

Like or hate Blue Cheese, it’s distinctive.  Like the cheese, this pop comes alive as soon as you pop it in your chèvre hole.  You’re immediately hit with a GIANT wave of blue cheese flavor, and at that point, strong nose grope as well.  I was both overjoyed and disgusted : I was stunned at the accuracy, and also by how odd it is to pair with the sweet confines of a lollypop.

I gave junior a lick, and predictably, he freaked out and ran away.  But here’s where the story gets really weird: Mrs. Guru took a lick or two, quite reluctantly.  She hates Blue Cheese.  But she loved this lolly!  Oddly, she claimed it didn’t taste like Blue Cheese at all, and that’s why she liked it.  (Insert pause here).

But make no mistake, she’s not a Guru.  Sorry lady.  But it’s me, Matty and the  kiddos who are on salary (huge, tons of benefits and bonuses) for the Candy Gurus.  And we all call it like we see and smell it: this lollypop is an amazing facsimile of Blue Cheese, from top to bottom.  I have no idea how she thought it was non Blue Cheese-esque, but the bottom line is that she enjoyed the lollipop.  So maybe this one’s for everyone?

I gotta hand it to the Lollyphile-they’re clearly doing things no other confectioners are, and for that, they forever stay in the good graces of the Candy Gurus.  Even if you’re not enthralled by  the idea of sucking on cheese for an hour, go over to their site and buy a variety pack of crazy flavored lollies.  Unless you’re a zombie or one of my rotund cats, you only live once, right?


I want to leave you with some words directly clipped from Lollyphile’s website.  I couldn’t agree more:

“We believe that candy can be every bit as much a gastronomical adventure as a fancy dinner, and we want to see just how far we can go. We want to make you remember exactly why you threw fits when your parents wouldn’t buy you candy, and then we’d like to gently remind you that you’re perfectly able to buy your own candy now. Good thing you saved your allowance, yeah?”


Bravo, Lollyphile.  Bravo n’ stuff.

Zolli Candy


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