Kasugai Mangosteen Gummies – Happy Father’s Day

Mangosteen : the fruit cocktail of fruits. And cocktails.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 21, 2011

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In my house, Father’s Day means a few things.

1. Arts & Crafts gifts from the little Guru.
2. In theory, the promise that I won’t have to do ANYTHING that day.
3. Candy for daddy.

First up from this year is a new one I’ve never seen before. Let’s take a moment to give Mrs. Jonny Guru some props, as that’s a tough thing to accomplish. I believe she found these in a Korean supermarket in Santa Clara:

I’d never even HEARD of a mangosteen. You?

For those of you that haven’t seen Kasagui gummies before, they’re pretty prevalent. Boasting authentic flavors and a squishy, soft mouth feel, lots of people love them. The gummies are bit too soft & fresh for me, but the flavors are outstanding, so I get down with them on occasion.


According to Wikipedia, the mangosteen either:

can only be grown in warm climates, is partially inedible, and was feared to carry fruit flies.


Was invented by Carrot Top in 2007 after trying to cross breed a mango and large grape.

That’s the thing about Wikipedia, you never know.  This will always be a mystery.

How does it taste, you ask? Like lychee fruit. Perhaps not quite as floral, but every bit as exotic. Hinting at plum and apple flavors, it’s a very delicate (maybe too delicate) taste experience. It sort of reminds me of the little white things you got in fruit cocktail cups as a kid too. Damn, I loved those. Were those grapes? Someone let me know.

While these are nice and generally yummy, they sort of strike me the same way the rest of the Kasagui selections do – great flavors, but…not my favorite. The fact that they’re individually wrapped all but removes any promise of them self-staling over time, which is a bummer. If these things were tougher and chewier, I feel it would open up the flavor just bit more, making me just a bit happier.

But I still appreciated getting these from my lovely wife and cheeky son. Happy Father’s Day to me, indeed.



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  1. Jonny

    Ethan, it was nice meeting you too! I’ll do my best to bring some candy dregs by the tea shop next time I’m in the area….thanks for the excellent suggestions yesterday!

  2. Ethan

    Love these things, although I’ve never tried the mangosteen flavor. I usually go more for the peach or strawberry.

    Was a pleasure talking with you about candy down at the Tea Shop today!

  3. matty

    Pears. Yes. And I’ve heard many rant about the inadequacy of such things in their fruit cups. Go figure.

  4. Jonny

    What the hell, Eve? I love the “no offense, but….you’re fat” thing. “No offense, but you have outrageous body odor”. “No offense, but I hate you”.

    Love it baby, love it!!!

    Which Irish sweets were you interested in us reviewing? Can I call you “Evie”?

  5. greebs

    I believe those white things in the fruit cocktail were pears. Or at least some facsimile thereof.

    Eve is harsh.

  6. Matty

    Agreed Eve. CRAP review. But he’s a liiiiiitttle funny. No?

  7. Eve

    No offence, but that was a crap review. BTW, DO MORE IRISH SWEETS! You know you want to…


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