Jolly Rancher Gummies – Just Like the Real Thing

I like a Jolly Rancher enough that I'll follow the happy guy and his little candies wheree'r he goeth.

Reviewed by Matty

May 31, 2009


The boring box. The candies in the plastic bag inside the boring box. The plastic bag in that cardboard boring box making me wonder yet again if I’m the only idiot in the world thinking about the environment and how many times am I going to have to reference the wasting of resources in yet another f-ing review? Jesus.

jr-gummies-bigThe saddest part is that I like these things. Sure Jolly Rancher maker Hershey insists on pushing the apocalypse ever so closer with its blatant disregard for all things “earth” but these things taste damn good.

Ever had Jolly Ranchers?
Ever like them?
Well then – yr golden.
They taste just like them. Just gummed out.

I’d love them to be a chewier, harder, tougher sweet – which is the oppo of most ‘merican gummis. And why do they need the fake fruit shape? They don’t do that with the regular Jolly Rancher hard candy. I think it would have been way more clever to keep the same shape. In fact, if they could emulate the hard candy entirely except make it a gummi – well that would be remarkable. Worthy of remark. Actually…as I look closer, I realize there are some grape ones that are simply squares and others that are shaped like a grape cluster. Hm. I’m now starting to hearken back to buying a “roll” of gummi JoRanch squares at some point. Perhaps this is a leftover. Strange.

Still, as I eat these (lemon, grape, orange, cherry, watermelon and apple), the thing I love is that they really taste like the original, all the way down to the deep aroma-like taste you get from the hard candy. It’s kinda hard to describe. But you know how the apple Jolly Ranchers are so unique and – wait for it – appley? well these gummis got that same thing goin on. And it’s delish. The flavor lasts through the whole gummi experience. That’s a nice quality to have. I’m gulping down the box. And I love the apple gummi thang. Not many gummis go the apple route.

Thanks to Mrs. Candyguru for thinking, “hey – I dont think my dumdum hubs reviewed these yet…” I hearby give her free reign to purchase at will. And once Hersh-meets-JoRanch cuts down on the superfluous packaging, I’ll bump em up another point.


Zolli Candy


  1. Berry

    This are like crack, but you can’t get the anymore in the U.S. I don’t know why, but I miss them. I used to buy them a case at a time.

  2. Jonny

    Never even seen these before. A must try.


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