I can’t tell you the name of this review, it’s that lame.

This review has nothing to do with showgirls, Vegas, or show tunes.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 5, 2010

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Ok, I will:

“Give My Regards To Broadway! (Rolls)”


Fortunately, the candy is far from lame:

Nothing ground breaking here, just another red “licorice like” candy.

The thing is, these are damn good.  Put them in the class of Red Vines and Twizzlers if you must, but they really stand out from either one of those confections.  Broadway Rolls are essentially rolled up tough chewy strawberry flavored ropes.  You can tear off as small or as large ropes as your patience will allow:

There’s a subtlety to these rolls that really works.  The strawberry flavor is there, but again, subtle.  Add the chew factor on these?  Perfect.  Don’t compare to The Twiz or Vines-it’s not like them at all.  It’s much close to these beauties Matty reviewed a few months back (which I liked much more than him).  You can really chew on these things for a while.

And that’s it.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing super interesting to report.  That didn’t stop me from buying 5 rolls when I went to Cost Plus World Market a few weeks ago though.  A good product is a good product.  No need for you to all move your lazy asses, just grab them here.

Sometimes you just wanna throw on that shitty old ratty tee shirt.  Sometimes you need to listen to that recent Neil Young record that you know just isn’t that good, but it’s Neil.  Hell, sometimes you want to take home that pesky brunette that has been coming on to you all night long-but you’re married, idiot.  And she’s only coming on to you because she’s desperate, hideous, and has bad breath.

But sometimes…you just need that old reliable.  That candy that’s gonna satisfy your base needs-flavor, chew, eating experience.  And this fits that bill, I say.  So give your own regards to Broadway, yo.




Zolli Candy


  1. Martha

    More videos, please! I like the video reviews. Maybe you can do some Halloween candy, too.

  2. matty

    Nice pics.
    Candy porn.


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