Happy Goat Caramels: SO not Baaaad

These things are yummariffy.

Just watch.

Note that I say in this video I don’t know where to get these. I lied!

You can get these lil’ bundles of joy here. I also say I don’t know what they cost. Well I do know. They re about a buck a piece if you buy 7 and a bit less if you get twice that amount. They ain’t cheap. But they’re aucey.


8 thoughts on “Happy Goat Caramels: SO not Baaaad

  1. I don’t know if I’ll try the carmels – cuz they stick to my teeth and I spend a shitload of money on these suckers – but I SERIOUSLY could watch video of YOU all day. I heart you.

  2. Matty, I have an almost untouched bag of these foul caramels for you. I don’t get it. It’s like taking a decent caramel then adding some gamey funky feta cheese finish.
    My 9 year old could only gag down a couple.
    Had to was them down with some sour gummies and Maker’s Mark to get the taste out of my mouth.
    Seriously, next time I see Jonny G, I’ll give him the rest of the $10 box.

  3. I’m adding a star rating as a USER because I’m a LOSER and there’s no way this is in the lowest rated products by users list. NO way. They rock.

  4. I just had to write because I bought these caramels in large part due to this glowing review. Also, I am a huge caramel lover – I like it much better than chocolate! I found Happy Goat inedible. The strong goat aroma and flavor completely overwhelmed the delicate rich buttery flavors of a good caramel. The main taste is that of spoiled, gamy milk. Truly terrible, I had one piece, spit it out and threw away my 10.00 package.

  5. uh oh. Laura laura laura laura…I feel like I let you down since you are the 2nd person to give these a crappy review. I reviewed these over a year ago and now I’m thinking I need to look back into these since I had no such goat overtones. At all. These tasted like no goat of the sort. In fact, if it didn’t say goat on them, I never would have known. So…perhaps they’ve gone down in quality.

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