Good & Fiery. Flame On…

I love spicy food. I love candy. I love Good & Fruitys! This is a slam dunk...

Reviewed by Jonny


May 29, 2009



There’s good ideas, there’s bad ideas, and then there’s everything else. In my mind, when it comes to candy, I’m up for listening to most ideas. Why not? The “bug inside a lollipop” craze of the 90’s couldn’t last forever, right? It’s time to celebrate, there’s some freaky great combinations happening these days. Lots of savory (salt, bacon, herbs, cocktails) flavors being paired with sweet, that’s the big one I’ve noticed.  But another wave is the heat wave, and I aint talking about hot cross buns. I’m talkin’ chile heat-jalapeno, habanero, and everything else. Spicy chocolates abound, and now, …something kinda new. Spicy Good & Fruitys.



It’s genius, really-fruit flavored candies with a hint of heat. I’d never tasted anything like this before, so I was pumped when I found these in my local. The flavors are lemon, orange, apple, and…cinnamon? Huh.  Righhhhhhht. I popped an apple in my mouth, and…it wasn’t a good thing. It was bitter, harsh, and then a bit apple like. But WAY more powerful was the wave of cinnamon heat, a la a Hot Tamale. Weird. Then I popped 2 orange ones, and it …was like….the apple one. But it wasn’t apple-like, it was a bit orange, but DAMN, look out for the cinnamon wave. Hope you like cinnamon oranges! You can just assume that lemon isn’t far off the first two. And then there’s good ‘ol cinnamon. Tastes like the others, but without the faint hint of fruit.  The shitty thing is that they’re not even close to tasting as good as Hot Tamales, they’re just this weird slightly chemical tasting hot  pellet disaster.




I have to hand it to Hershey’s though, for trying. Seriously, it was and still is a great idea to combine spicy with fruit. I eat chile spiced dried mango all the time and it’s friggin’ amazing. It’s do-able. Just…not this way. Regardless of what your tastes buds are craving-spicy nirvana or a fruit quenching, or even a combo of both-Good & Fiery aren’t gonna get you there. There’s a million fruit candies, many of which we’ve reviewed here, to choose from. And if it’s the spice you’re after, you cannot go wrong grabbing a theater size box of Hot Tamales and going to town. Or even better, the movies. They’re spicy, sweet, a great chew, and just plain yum.


Hotties, don’t let this bring you down. Keep on trying, and bring on the sweet & spicy mayhem. Don’t let this growing pain discourage you. Remember what Tyler Durden said: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything”. Right? He’s smart,…right?




Zolli Candy


  1. Joyce

    I loved them, too and wish they would bring them back. I think they were ahead of their time. A year or two ago Hot Tamales came out with Tropical Heat which are wonderfully spicy and fruity. And a few months ago Starburst and Skittles introduced a hot variety.

  2. Joe

    I don’t know what is wrong with them. I absolutely loved them and was devastated when they went off the market years ago.

  3. Alex Hunter

    Glorious new blog format. Kudos to you gents for making the change. Now start reviewng gum and I’ll call it a day.

    • Jonny

      Thanks, Alex. We do intend to be reviewing more gums-I think we’ve only done one so far. Stay tuned!

  4. Matty

    I’m officially intrigued since I read a review on another site that seemed to suggest these were really good…Now I’m even more interested in trying them – but I KNOW this review is right on so I sure as hell aint expecting much. I gotta say I love the packaging though.

  5. greebs

    Nice. Knew they weren’t a keeper but glad to see the review here.

    And for what it’s worth, “Hotties, don’t let this bring you down.” should become the official motto of … someone. Let’s work on that.


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