Daim Bar- a Swedish hunk of deliciousness that totally isn’t like a Heath Bar…

How do you make a Heath Bar better?

Reviewed by Jonny

February 13, 2015

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…although it is. Like a Heath Bar. Having said that, if I could be like a Heath Bar, I would, so no hard feelings on Daim.   daim-bag


Daim bars were originally launched in Sweden in 1953, so I was only a teen at the time. But this is yet another indicator that the Swedes really know what’s up with regards to candy. Up to now, we’ve mostly focused on their outstanding Gummies, chews & sours- but many would say that their chocolates are where they really shine.


You  can buy these in larger sized bars, but the ones my darling wife and son bought me for the holidays are bite sized, and come in a pretty good sized bag. Perfect for a quick fix. But what IS the real taste difference between these and Heath?


In short, there’s not a lot of difference. What I did notice is that, where Heath falls just a bit more on the salty side, Daim falls more towards the buttery/slightly more complex chocolate side. Still delicious, but if you put a gun to my head and forced me to get all Sophie’s Choice on them, I’d have to pick Heath.

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