Abba Abba Ka-Zabba…I Wanna Reach Out & Grab Ya

Peanut Butter & Apples- A Classic Combo???

Reviewed by Jonny


August 3, 2009


This one’s along time coming.  Sure, I’ve eaten m y share of Abba Zabba bars i n my time, and I like them a lot.  I always lump them together with the “Big Hunk” bar, which I tend to prefer, but the Abzab is a solid, chewy, peanut-buttery treat.  Our friends the MoBro® asked us to review the new, Sour Green Apple Abba Zabba bar, so…let’s do this.

It looks just like it’s bro, but green:



I ripped the wrapper off and dove right in.  The first thing I can tell you is that the sour green apple flavor is pretty darned good-it’s sour, but not “chank your tongue” sour.  And it’s a good solid flavor-reminds me EXACTLY of sour green apple Now & Laters if you’ve ever had those.  But as we all know, this bar isn’t only about the apple, it’s about the peanut butter combo flavor.

sour apple abbazabba cu


Here’s where things got weird for me: as I happened upon a smattering of the peanut butter (which by the way, seems like less PB than on the OG bar), I was struck with an overwhelming flavor.  But not of peanut butter.  Of banana.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, I told myself that too, but I still tasted it.  In fact, I was so convinced of this that I saved half for Matty, Mrs. Jonny & Mrs. Matty to all taste.  Although Matty tasted a bit of banana too, the ladies did not, so perhaps it’s a male thing.  Or a candy expert thing.


Whatever thing it is, it aint that good.  Here’s why, in a nutshell, the sour green apple Abba Zabba isn’t as good as the original:


1. Not into banana tasting peanut butter.

2.  The taffy itself comes apart really quickly as you’re chewing-specifically, the two flat halves that hold the “peanut butter”.  As soon as you bite into it, they split apart, revealing not much, but a little bit’a bananbutter.  I remember the Abba Zabba OG as staying together more and keeping the PB inside

3.  It’s just not necessary.  Why do we need apple taffy mixed with PB even if it DID taste like PB?

Having said this, truly, it doesn’t taste bad per se-just not that great.  I won’t be buying one again, and frankly, if I see a Big Hunk next to the OG Abba Zabba, I probably won’t be buying the OG Abba Zabba anytime soon.  But you could do worse than this, espesh if you’re into putting banana flavored peanut butter on your apple slices.






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