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Ever had Swedish candy? I hadn't either, but now I'll never stop.

Reviewed by Jonny

November 9, 2011

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A few weeks ago Matty reviewed some delicious salty licorice, some half gummy half licorice skulls, and some chewy..odd squares.  All excellent.  Normally when Matty and I get some candy from a company to review, one of us does it.  Not this time though.  Nay.  I won’t be ignored.  Check these out: You can just SEE the glorious sour power, can’t you?  These Skulls (Not sure what fascination Ingrid has with skulls, but hey, whatever.  To each his own) are pretty much perfect.  The taste is a combo platter of berry and lemon, loaded with sour.  But it’s not “Warheads” type of sour-it’s that edgy sour that always remains sweet…think of it as “uber tart”.  That’s my dog’s name, ironically.

In addition to the perfectly balanced sour, the consistency of these, like most of the gummies from Ingrid’s Candy Shop, is outstanding.  This is a 5 or 6 bite skull, people.  It’s that dense and chewy.  Not a ton of toothstick, just a tough, chewy, flavorful eat.

When I’m in the mood for a sour gummy, this is basically nirvana for me.  ‘Nuff said.


Moving on to candy #2, we have a something as unique as they come.  They even look odd:


These are hard candies.  I really don’t know why they’re pink, or why they have an inconsistent black stripe through them.  I just know they were billed as a sour hard candy-and you know I’m all about hard candy.  These are called “Kryptoniter”.  For people who love sour candy, so sayeth the site.

These are amazing.  I’m not sure what the flavor is, sort of an orangey berry-like thing.  There’s also hints of apple in it.  But it’s legit sour for a hard candy, again finding that nice balance between sweet & sour.  However, these Kryptoniters have a little secret in the middle.


A salt bomb.


Salt?  What?  I know.  It’s weird.  But I like weird-and know what?  This works.  The salt slowly seeps out and incorporates during the sucking process, so by the time you’re really finishing it & hitting the middle, the salt’s all gone.  Usually.  I had one where the little salt explosion really took my by surprise at the end and was a little intense.  The whole experience is fun, and that’s what it’s all about.  Right?


These are so out there, so …weird, that they for sure get the Candy Gurus seal of approval.  The important take away here isn’t so much either of these candies – it’s the store.  I’ve tried candies from all over the world, and yes, if you can get German made Trolli or Haribo candies, you’re loving it.  But most of us can’t.  All of these candies we tried from Ingrid’s were of serious quality (who knew the Swedes rocked this way?), and what’s better…YOU CAN BUY IT.  And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg-quite the contrary.  They have very reasonable deals.


I spoke to the owners, and they’re working on being able to peruse costs in dollars on their site-they say this functionality is coming very soon.  Once it does (or even now, converting the currency), we FINALLY have a place we can go to get hardcore authentic…Swedish licorice, gummies and hard candies.  This is kinda huge people.

Of all the varieties Matty and I tried, there literally wasn’t one bad thing.  Everything was either excellent, or just good.  That’s hard to do.  So do yourself a favor-go buy a Kg of assorted candy from Ingrid and experience what candy is supposed to taste like.  Unique, intense, and weird.  Like Matty.


Zolli Candy


  1. Savannah Fontaine

    US residents: do NOT buy from this company. They have terrible customer service, they don’t respond to repeated emails (sent both in Swedish and in English), do not provide a tracking number (your package mysteriously disappears? Whoops!), and they refuse to refund my money–but had zero problems charging my card to place the order. How convenient for them. Apparently you need a candy blog to get any sort of attention from them. Awesome.

    • jonnyguru

      Savannah-I have to say I agree with you 100%. Ironically, I placed an order with them on December 27 th. I experienced the same lackadaisical customer service you did, no answers, ….just really ridiculously bad. At this point, I’d point people to sockerbit. Insanely responsive and flat rate shipping. Sorry you (and me) had this experience!

      • Savannah Fontaine

        I also posted a comment on their Facebook page (nothing nasty. Just the facts); they deleted it faster than a pissed-off Taylor Swift fan. Clearly their internet works, just not their email!

        • mattycandy

          We should delete this store from our site if it sucks

          • Johnny Carlsen

            Even though you have had bad experience from them guys, and it takes maybe a week to get the package , i had the opposite experience, and btw its much cheaper than sockerbite.com, 3.25$ for 1/4lb YOU ffriggin kdding me!? this swedish site has like 100 gr for 13 kr = not even 2 bucks! Money comes first i must say!

            • jonnyguru

              You have a valid point about cost, ingrid’s is much cheaper. But I’d rather deal with a company that responds to emails in a timely fashion and frankly, gets their shit together and takes responsibility for it, like sockerbit. Having said that, yes, I agree that it would be great if ingrids could figure their issues out as they have better prices (but not as good of a selection as sockerbit)

  2. matty

    I loved those pink bombs

  3. Josh

    I must try these Kryptoniters…like now!


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