We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

World Market Milk Chocolate with Indian Curry. Yes, You’re Reading this Right.


I can’t tell you how many adjectives I was coming up with to describe how crappy these bars called World Market Milk Chocolate Indian Sweet Curry with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt would be. How could they not unequivocally, disgustingly, remarkably, tangibly and exacerbatingly (yeah I made that word up) suck. Indian food is awesome but I ain’t eating it for dessert.

And curry?

“Hey – could I get a Gatorade, a pack of smokes and that curry chocolate bar over there?” Said no one. ever.

But I learned a valuable lesson tonight, my friends. Very valuable: Don’t judge the recipe, judge the taste.

Sure, we all know curry literally smells like a trainful of unshowered men. And yes adding it to sweet chocolate – at least on paper – is enough to make me hurl.

And yet. I’ll take 2 of these bars please.

First off the milk chocolate isn’t super light like your average American piece of industrialized chocolate. This has a softness yes, but the cocoa flavor is strong. And where I thought the curry would overwhelm and make me queasy, it was perfectly in the background – like a charming Mozart concerto suddenly struck up, played by a talented amateur quartet, as I was lying on the grass, just about to nod off staring at the sun on a blissful 73ºF degree day in the Arboretum. It was just right. And the salt picks up the tempo a bit and gives it the flare that makes you go, “Man – these things are freaking good and I can’t unbelievably, miraculously, freakishly, even wonderfully believe it.”

Procure my friends. Go forth and buy. These things are money.

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