We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Who’s Buying these Borrachines Mexican Candies?

And a better question – who actually likes them?


They sure look pretty.

Nice colors. Soft and tender with little sugar crystals, Luscious Jackson-esque, making me think I want to swathe myself in them. Curl up with a good book with them and tongue kiss oh so sweetly.

But no. It’s a lie. Put these in your mouth and they fall apart into little tiny marzipan-like matter.

Aren’t the flavors interesting? No again. And you know what? I’d even be OK with flavors that are uninteresting. Make the red a cherry, go with lime for green and the white can be vanilla. As it is, they are all the same none-flavor. Kinda almond, very sweet, a little milky and altogether loosey goosey. Bleck.

The package says Dulce De Leche, which I assume is sweet milk and these have that as an overtone. But have you ever had Dulce De Leche ice cream? Remember how it’s REALLY good? Like lite caramel vanilla? Yeah, these aren’t those.

I would never buy these and recommend you don’t do the same.

Can someone please tell me if they do like these, and if they do – HOW?

That’d be great. Thanks.

  • jonnyguru

    That’s not fair to have a red and green candy taste the same, espesh as the taste is gross. The cover really makes them look like sour gummies.

  • Jchurnick

    I’ve had these… They have a unique taste, a taste that in my opinion shouldn’t exist. The texture is a cross between an overcooked noodle and some kind of melon… Both of which would taste a lot better

  • Roberttheg

    Aha! It’s very clear who likes this dulces. Drunk people! The word “Borrachine” refers to “boozers” those unfortunate folks who also love those brown bags they keep close. So maybe after a few tequilas one would grow to like these candies. Or not, and just enjoy the tequila!

  • AndreaB

    I’ve had these before….they’re horrible!!! My husband (he’s guatamalan) got me some as a treat once, and I had to be polite and…..well, I ate as many as I could stand. Blech!

  • Jocelyn <3

    Screw you guys! Their delicious, you guys are all just racist!