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Toxic Waste Slime Licker: More Slime and Sour please


There is no way when the food scientists came up with these Slime Lickers Toxic Waste candy that they said, “we think the 40 year old crowd is going to go freaking WILD for these things.”

The design of these are kinda creepy and weirdly fun – they’re like ‘roll-on’ deodorant, with a small plastic ball on top of the bottle that rolls into the candy, which you then roll onto your tongue. Like the ring pop, these aren’t an ‘eat once and done’ type of confection, while Slime Lickers also give you the option to close up shop and save some for later. There’s quite a lot of this candy in the bottle since you just lick off the liquid on the ball so it’ll last a long time. However, to get the candy, you kinda need to move the bottle around in your mouth and suck it out…not super fun to watch someone else eat this…

I’ll wax on more about these, below, but since I’m not the target market, let’s ask the kids:

  • “It’s not as bright and flavorful as I would have liked it….Too artificial,” said Kid A.
  • “I like the flavor and how it’s hard to get. I like sour.” It’s sour? “Yeah…Strawberry is a weird flavor to make sour since they’re supposed to be sweet. It’s fun. I like turning the thing with my tongue,” said Kid B

My experience was totally different than Kid B’s. I don’t think they are as advertised. Toxic Waste has some good sour candies, like  Smog Balls. So I know they can do sour. But Slime Lickers aren’t really sour. They’re kinda tangy. Plus, where I expected the slime to be hair gel-like, it’s actually just a slippery liquid. Look at the before and after of the roll balls:

And I found the flavors to be general, run o’ the mill and lacking.

But one out of 2 kids totally liked it, thus the 3 stars.

In this humble reviewer’s opinion, this Slime Licker novelty is indeed novel in form, but not novel in function. I personally will stick with the Smog Balls. I even included a link to the balls below because they’re utterly buyable.

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  1. I need to get this

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