We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Red Band Sour Suckers


What’s better than old friends?


Old candy.



One of my oldest buddies, way back from my Frankie Goes To Hollywood & clove cigarette days, Zvi, is Canadian.  He regaled me with tales about “sour keys” and how amazing they were.  Until a few months ago, it was all just conversation.  And then he dumped this bucket of insanity on me.  When he handed them off, he apologized saying “I’m really sorry, these have been sitting in my house for literally a year.”  I just patted him on the back and said “Friend?  You don’t need to apologize.  You’ve aged them.  In fact, I bet they’re not “stale” enough for me”.

Well folks, here’s a first.  These ARE PERFECT.  I’m not exaggerating, these are the best “sour gummies” I’ve had.  But I’m particular.


They come in a cylindrical shaped container, with plastic tongs for doling out at the corner sweet shop.  Silly manufacturers, DON’T THEY KNOW I’M EATING THESE BY THE HANDFUL?

I’m not familiar with an American equivalent, but in theory, these are simply “pacifier” shaped sour gummies.  But…they’re so much more.  Dense, small, and HARD, these things are a workout for the jaw.  The sour level is definitely on point-sour enough to salivate to, not sour enough to rip off a layer of your tongue unless you eat a half pound in a sitting.  But the flavor..oh man.  So good.  I couldn’t find detailed flavor information, but there’s definitely notes of lemon, berries, and perhaps lime and orange.  The point is that the flavors pop in the best way.


The rub on this one is that for most people, these will be too tough.  I’m sure that if you buy a new bag, you run the chance of them being a hell of a lot less tough than the container I got, but I can’t see them being soft-ever.  So if you’re not into tough chewy gummies, you won’t like these. But if you’re insanely smart like me, you’ll freak out over these.  And in the kicker department, they’re not THAT hard to find!  Click the link below to buy your own tub-I know I definitely will.

Big thanks to Zvi for being a bro, but more importantly, for shedding light on this hidden gem of the candy world.


  1. Why don’t I have these in my posession? Also, nice link above. Pretty. Fits great!

    • HEY MATTY- No one CARES about your lame ass “web page optimizing” concerns! If I wanna be “funny” and make a too long link, I’ll damn well do it! And Amanda, trust me- if I COULD have bought these before, I would have. And now I will!

    • NEVER!

  2. I can’t believe you haven’t tried these before now. They’ve been a favorite of mine for ages and ages….then again I grew up in BC. I didn’t know there wasn’t an American equivalent. They are so amazing, and as you guessed, they are always hard even when fresh.

    • I can’t believe he hasn’t tried them either. What a dork. And can I amend the last line of your comment with a “That’s what she said!” Thanks

  3. Both of y’all crack me up. Must be phenomenal fathers, I’m not even being sarcastic. Great reviews, keep doin what you’re doin in the way you do it to it etc etc etc

    • thanks grrrl 🙂

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