We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Persian Fairy Floss. Not For The Meek.


Recently I had some clients bring me back some treats from UK.  I was expecting Haribo, but what I got…scared even the strongest of souls:


Persian Fairy Floss.  I don’t know where to start with that imagery, so I won’t try.  I knew going in that this was somewhat like cotton candy.  What i wasn’t prepared for….

..Was that it looked like pink HUMAN HAIR!  Seriously, LOOK at that shit!


Unlike normal cotton candy, this stuff is so extremely delicate that it disintegrates and fluffs away as you touch it.  This means this crap gets EVERYWHERE.  On your shirt, desk, carpet.

As for taste…what I’ve learned about Persian confections is this:  they dig on nuts, fruits, and rose flavored things.  Very into rose.  For me…rose flavor isn’t the best.  It’s very subtle, and very perfumed.  I feel kinda like I’m eating my wife’s neck when I eat rose candy—which, don’t get me wrong, is nice.  But not my go-to snack.  I’m more of an arm man.


This stuff is really all about the presentation for me.  It’s just scary.  And gross.  And human hair like.  I really can’t take my eyes off that photo, to be honest.  The floss (or “Pashmak” as it’s called on their site) comes in a few different flavors.  I’d suggest chocolate, but there’s also Saffron, Vanilla, Pistachio & Orange.


Do I recommend you buy it?  Probably not.  But…it IS one of the more unique things I’ve come by, and it IS fun to play with disintegrating human hair.


So you’ll have that going for ya, which is nice.



  1. I’ve been wanting to try that for a long time. I’ve had the traditional sesame version, but not the flavored ones. 

    • Cybele, it’s so…damn delicate, and so damned expensive…I just don’t think it’s worth it for you, especially if you’ve had the sesame hair before.

  2. Scary looking! Might come in handy if you do edible Halloween treats. I’m picturing a zombie cake.

  3. uhhhh. No comment

  4. i really have been thinking about adding some pink to my do…not sure if this review helps or hurts that idea.

  5. The first time I read this review, I cracked up in my office and had two coworkers peek in to see if I was okay. I revisited because I needed a laugh, and I’m giggling silently in here again.

    • Yay!!!

  6. This cake was made by @Katherine_sabbath via Instagram and her way of presenting Persian fairy floss is gorgeous

  7. You sound like a moron!

    • He sounds like a moron, yes. More importantly, he actually looks like one.

  8. It’s just like cotton candy except tastier, more delicate and exquisite…..i guess you white folks don’t really like anything unless it’s butter or Mac n cheese flavored. Get some MacDonalds next time bro

    • Butter and mac and cheese? We’re not 8 years old, bro.

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