We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Maoam Pinballs: A secret treat from our fave candy maker?


You know how we love Bon Bons?

Not the general French candy but the very specific (and European) flavorful sweeties that are so perfectly hard and sour and chewy that we could probably benchmark every other candy against them?

Yeah well these Maoam Pinballs are like those.


Not quite as hard and chewy, these melt in your mouth faster. They are also smaller, but their shape is very similar, the flavors are strong and as soon as I eat one I want to eat more. The cola was simply fantastic. Luckily each little package I had, HAD a cola. They also had a variety – lemon, cherry I think. Maybe green apple. I couldn’t find the line-up, but no matter. They were all good.


Staring long enough at the center of these and I start seeing what I think a chewy zot center might look like, and these are indeed tangy and even zesty.

Made in the UK, you need to get the Pinballs online or move to England. Either way, I say do it.

And I just noticed something. Look at the copywrite owner on the bottom of their web site:



Need I say anything more? Go and procure.

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