We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Juicy Drop Taffy: Goo on a Stick! (of candy)


We got some Juicy Drop Taffy (from Bazooka) and got a few kids lined up to review. Want the nutshell? You put goo on a Laffy-Taffy-like substance and then eat. Kids dig. See for yourself.

(Thanks to Candy Industry for the pic)

Strangely, can’t find these online. I’m thinking they are still so new that they aren’t really pushing them to anywhere but local stores…? Who knows. But I bet Candy Direct will have them eventually.

  • jonnyguru

    Thanks for reviewing this : so I don’t have to!  Yikes.

  • jaja

    nice reviewing

  • wolff

    omg you are so negative no needs to see you roll your eyes thats kinda mean its meant for kids not adults

    • jonnyguru

      It’s true: Matty’s a total jerk.

      • Matty

        It’s so true. I’m literally the worst.

  • sianna

    i need it