We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Jelly Belly Dark Chocolate Covered Tobasco Flavored Beans


Well this is different.



Jelly Belly is always adding new flavors of beans, but they also do more than that- they make a lot of other candies aside from beans, and they also have had a propensity lately to dip their beans in chocolate. Last year, Matty reviewed their new flavor- Tobasco hot sauce flavored beans.  And he dug them.  Now, we have those same beans, but shrouded in a layer of dark chocolate.

jbchoctobasco-openHow cool is this packaging?  It’s SHAPED LIKE A TOBASCO BOTTLE!  Points for cleverness.

Here’s the odd thing about this candy: Matty and I tasted them together on Sunday, as we hadn’t imbibed any alcohol yet, and it seemed fitting.  My reaction was middle of the road: they weren’t great, they weren’t bad, but I was definitely getting that known Tobasco sauce flavor, which to me, put me off a bit.  I should say now that I’m a HUGE fan of Tobasco- but I use it for specific things, not as a go-to hot sauce.  My go-to is usually Sri Racha, or a spicier chili sauce, something with more complex flavor.  Tobasco, while delicious and a crucial element in my Bloody Mary’s, is very one note.  For this application in a candy that’s covered in dark chocolate, it felt wrong.

jbchoctobasco-cuCut to yesterday.  I tried another, and the results couldn’t have been more different.  First, I got a heavy dose of spicy.  The spice came in the middle of the chew, and lingered a bit after I was done.
And I liked that.


Also, this time I got a hint of Tobasco, but it definitely wasn’t overwhelming.  The combination of not-too-sweet chocolate, the sweet bean, and the acidic Tobasco flavor really worked for me.  The insane thing is- one bean was the perfect amount.  Like Matty said in his original review, these aren’t a “shove 20 in your mouth” bean, like all the fruity flavors definitely are for me.  This is-dare I say-a bit elevated?  And I like them.

One flavor of Jelly Belly that I believe is now extinct is Jalapeño.  And man, I loved that flavor.  It was so accurate to the chile, and so tasty.  Even though I really like these Tobasco dark chocolate coated beans, I can’t help but think that those Jalapeño beans might have been the better choice, for a more perfectly complimentary flavor profile.
Oh well.  These definitely work for the sweet/spicy dichotomy.  I’d say pick up small pack, or this box if you have a group of people who’ll try them without laming out.


And can we talk for a sec?  What’s with people not wanting to try things?  Especially candy?  Sometimes the looks I get from people when I offer them something-something I’ve told them is good- are hard to comprehend.  Their brows wrinkle up, their claw of a hand purses into itself as they slowly reach for the candy, then slow down even more…as if they’re not SURE if I might be trying to poison them or not.  It’s CANDY, people.  It’s good for you.  Remember that.



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