We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Haribo Saure Schnuller (Sour Pacifiers)


These got me excited. I’ve long been obsessed with sour gummy pacifiers.

Don’t get Freudian, we don’t have time.

Last year my homeboy brought me a vat back from Canada made by Red Band (which those wacky Canadians call “Sour Keys”) and they were out of this world. So how will the king of gummies’ version stand up?



Can you guys stand the excitement?  I’m sitting, so I can’t really judge.


So here’s the deal: great Haribo flavors, standard Haribo sour. After my first two, I was a bit unimpressed. I was hoping for extreme sour, or perhaps tougher gummies. But then after the flavor really settled in, I got disgusted with myself for second guessing these things, because I realized they’re glorious.


The flavors are strong but not an overly intense level of sour – it’s actually what reversed my opinion, which is a crazy circular process my scary mind ekes out.  I did some fact checking, and learned that the flavor assortment includes grapefruit, cherry, lemon, rhubarb, lime & passion fruit. Wow. Kudos, Haribo, that’s a great selection of flavors, and they all work great sour.

So yeah. I love these. Hopefully they’ll start shipping them over to our parts, but until then, feel free to imagine how I felt eating them.

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