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Haribo Gold Bears – 2 potential new flavors


Haribo is king of the gummy. Most of us know that, and those that don’t are either incorrect, uninformed, or just plain rotten. Rotten, horrible, stinky dirt people. Sure, there’s a tiny handful of legit contenders-UK Trolli, Albanese, the entire output of the country of Sweden, and Katjes for example-but Haribo did it best first, and continue to do so.

It seems as if new varieties of Haribo crop up monthly, so I was a bit surprised that they’re  considering adding a new flavor of bear to their iconic “Gold Bears”.  Why change a classic?  THE classic?  Regardless, they brought out three relatively safe flavors for the public to vote on : cherry, watermelon and green apple. I got my hands on two of them for you guys to check out.



Bags check out.  And the bears look just like you’d expect them to:

I thought the apple were good, the watermelon a bit less so.  If you try both at the same time oddly, it makes an even more convincing watermelon flavor. And this is all well and nice. The question I have is: why?  Why are we adding a new flavor to the mix?

Gold Bears contain orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple flavors. It’s an odd non-traditional, definitely non-typical American assortment of flavors, and that’s what’s so cool about it. Every. Single. American. Gummy has cherry, watermelon and green apple flavors. Yes, they’re ayeet, but we’re choking on that shit over here!

Instead of apple, how about peach? Or blueberry?  Or black currant?

Dont even get me started on cherry. Do NOT.

I’m guessing that this is really about publicity for Haribo, who are not coincidentally opening their first American factory soon.  Tied in with this contest is a chance for the lucky winner to win a trip to….Orlando?  I’m not sure that can actually be considered a prize-I’ve been there.  But knock yourselves out trying to win.

But enough of me, I’m curmudgeonly and void of hope. I want to hear what you guys think-should there be new flavors in the Gold Bears?  If so, which one do you like the most?  Check out the link below to get all three new flavors plus some bonus sour Bears from Amazon.

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