We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Haribo Bumix: Bad name. Bad candy.


I love Haribo. Hell – who doesn’t. But if this was the first and only thing you ever ate from that crew, you might hold a grudge or swear off German candy forever. Jonny, Scotty and I review these badboys on video. Our first video review. There will be more. And let’s all hope they get a whole lot better than this. But for now this will do. Thanks for readin…er..watching.



  • http://www.qcandy.com Josh

    #1 – Did you guys steal the couch from That 70′s Show?
    #2 – Matty, Close your legs…leave that to Sharon Stone
    #3 – All of your reviews should be on video… riveting!

  • Matty

    Good point. No one wants to see my nibbles and bits.

  • http://www.motivationbychocolate.blogspot.com Denise

    OMG – I am so cracking up!!! I really liked watching Matty keep eating those things!! “I would never buy these,” he says as he eats another! Watch him – he’s eating them the whole time – I love it!!! Haribo could use this as a commercial! Bwah, ha, ha!! (Like I haven’t been there myself – too many times!)

    You guys should do what I do and give some points for artistry – that can be Scotty’s job.

    Great fun and so bold to go to video!! What are you using to shoot?


  • Matty

    Well thanks Denise.
    Used an HD Flip and edited in iMovie.
    We hope our vids get better. They better…

  • Jonny

    I keep waiting for the first “who the hell is that Scotty guy!??!” comment. He’s a sad sack. Lazy. Totally unmotivated. Hellofa guy, but he needs a lashing. Oh, and he’s a Yankees fan.

  • http://www.motivationbychocolate.blogspot.com Denise

    Who IS that Scotty guy? You should add bios of all the gurus, espcially now that you’re video stars.

  • Scotty

    I’m Scotty and I can’t write for shit. Go Yankees.