We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Foreign Candy Company: Rips it Up. Kinda.


Heyoooo! I review a bunch of Foreign Candy Company sweets in this week’s video, including Rips, Rips Bits, Rips Whips, Rips Hips and Rips Lips. OK the last two I made up. Overall – not bad.

I’m still tired of companies calling things licorice that don’t even have any Essence of anise. And I may completely lose it if another company markets their sour as the “Most Extreme” sour when it’s like all the others…But the folks at Foreign have some good stuff. Sorry for the length. Reviewing 5 candies in 6 mins isn’t that bad…

  • http://reignoferror.blogspot.com greebs

    Just one thing – what the hell kind of name is Foreign Candy Company? That’s possibly the dumbest corporate name I’ve *ever* heard. Unless, of course, they’re from Cleveland or Poughkeepsie. Then it’s hilarious.

  • Stevie

    Love it.

  • John

    Maybe its Foreign Candy Co. because their candy is Foreign. Like importing, I don’t know if you have heard of it, but its when you take a product from outside your country and bring it into your country. Therefore, their candy, is Foreign. Real Dumb….
    If you want dumb, Apple Computers. Their computers aren’t apples. Or Domino’s Pizza. Their Pizza’s do not look like Domino’s.

  • http://www.candygurus.com Matty

    @John – interesting take. Perhaps the dude that owns the company is named Brad Foreign.

  • Candyman

    Rips, I’ve purchased in couple of different stores only to find the product hard and dried out not the best product!!! After viewing, I purchased Aftershocks, taste terrible you can’t rely on quality candy products from china.

    Foreign Candy Company 5 thumbs down

  • Candyman

    I just visited a site for Warheads a great product. Which The Foreign Candy company created however they had to sell the brand to another company due to poor management of the product. Makes you wonder what other products are destind to this resolve.