We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Do we really need the Cadbury Mr. Big Bar?


When people get upset, they start online petitions and you know there’s a Canadian ex-pat in Wyoming who is Change.org’ing her displeasure for not being able to get the Mr. Big bar in the States.

Not since the downfall of the footlong, when Jared dragged the Subway brand into the dirt, have us ‘mericans had nourishment this size.


This Mr. Big bar is at least 12 inches and has lots of ingredients we like in various other chocolate bars, all mixed in. Yet, I’d take a Labatt’s or Molsen any day over Mr. Big.

For one, the chocolate is pedestrian and too sweet. Something we’re use to stateside, but that doesn’t make it right, and it’s not something I think of with Cadbury in general. I thought their chocolate was better than that. Also, I expected the bar to have the feel of a Baby Ruth – thick and chewy, with some heft to it. But it was light; the wafers inside weren’t like Twix cookies, more like thin wafer biscuits. The krispies make the bar lightly crunchy, which is fine, but nothing to jump the border for.

Color me a bit disappointed with Mr. Big. It’s long and it’s definitely a sweet treat, but I wouldn’t buy it over Snickers, Baby Ruth, or even a Crunch bar. Save your ducats for the good stuff.


  1. hi, thanks, if anyone is looking for this in the states, we have been selling for years and ship even just one bar if interested. thanks
    Antonio – To The Moon http://www.tothemoonmarketplace.com

    • Thanks Antonio that’s great to know!

    • Cool. I love the interwebs!

  2. Sorry, but we fly up to Canada just to get a case or two of MrBig Bars. I have people here in Arizona try it and they ALL Love them and want more. Maybe on next trip i will buy MORE (we fly free)

    • Yes it appears I might be in a the minority with these bars. And I won’t hold that against anyone. But given these are from Cadbury and chock full of good ingredients, I expected a bit more verve.

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