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Circus Peanuts: It’s not you it’s me


This is a sad, sad day.

Here I am — after having received a few asks to review the Circus Peanut, including from a “Carl” at Candydish who called these “Heaven” and a reader/writer who calls herself “Lia” who perhaps lost her mind before saying she “found ten-star bliss” in these things.

Now Carl. And Lia. Let’s just settle the F down for a minute, take a step back and walk through what we got here.


Plus 1 to texture. They are trippy – dense but light. When you pull them apart, they look like what you’d see if you break open a Three Musketeers bar. But instead of really light chocolate nougat that makes you puke*, you get compact and thick yet not heavy nougat that may or may not make you puke.^ I appreciate the Circus Pean textch. It’s original, and a tad filling. And given the not-quite-of-this-world Orange #5 color, I bet a big bag like the one I have would last at least until 2078. Good value.

*When I was 6 I ate too many 3 Musk bars and became my own private vomitorio.

^I have yet to eat too many Circus Peanuts and thus can’t do the throw up math at this point. In fact, we’ll never know the spew threshold on these with me since:

I will never eat another one of these things ever again.

Now I know that Carl (who works for the National Confectioners Association and probably knows sugar better than C or H) and Lia (who writes loads of award winning novels and clearly must be more clever than I) will be disappointed. How couldn’t they be? I’m essentially comparing their beloved Abelard and Heloise to the latest issue of Penthouse Forum. I’m comparing their Industrial Revolution of candy love to a bankruptcy-making Ponzi scheme.

Yet none are more disappointed than I. First off, they taste like bubble gum. And really – that’s it. Where’s the depth? And how foolish of me to expect an orange flavor undertone of some kind; why would I ever do that since THEY ARE ORANGE. Not to mention they look like a semi-flat peanut and yet taste nothing like peanut anything. What’s the point of that? Why do that? Why continue to do that? Who has an answer for me?! Finally, these things maybe great fun if yr 5 or yr from texas and you think bigger is better but for us adults? Please – I sure as shit can’t eat these in public. I’d be the laughing stock of the office. I’m already glared at as the oddball stuck-in-adolescence freak with my half-empty Haribo packages all over my desk.

Man I’m sorry.
I really wanted to like this stuff.
I thought I was enlightened to the level of the Carls and Lias of the Circus Peanut world.
I thought I too would attain that pedestal of blind adoration for a candy only children could love.
But Alas –

these things suck.

*Updated 5/26: Carl! So sorry I got your name wrong. It’s ‘Carl’ everyone. But don’t harrass him cuz he like these things. He doesn’t need more spam.


  1. Ha, ha – I agree!! The Circus Peanut is horrifying. Clowns are lame, the Circus Peanut is lame and here they are together. Small children are scarred for life by things like this. Right on with the review.

    I’m impressed you guys are now a SITE! We still gotta talk – I attended a blogger luncheon at Candy Expo. Have scoop.

    One last thought – why is this so dark?? All the grey and black – I liked the guru green! Candy is FESTIVE!!

  2. We use black on the outside because black is how we feel on the inside.
    If we get enough complaints though – we’ll change. we’re here to please!

  3. I consumed almost an entire bag of Circus Peanuts in less than 24 hours and did not puke, nor did I feel any inclination to do so. Actually, I got a lot done that day. Good fuel.

  4. Jerry Seinfeld has a great bit where he talks about Halloween. “Sometimes they give you that white bag twisted on the top, you know that’s going to be some crap candy. Does it have the official Halloween markings on it? Hold on lady wait a second, what is this? The orange marshmellow shaped like a big peanut? Do me a favor, you keep that. We have all the doorstops we need already.”

  5. Ahh Jerry. Always good for a laugh. And obviously, very clever.

  6. Not all candy peanuts are created equally… if you live in propinquity to a Rite Aid, buy their brand. They’re delicious! I’m not sure who the distributor is, but they’re my absolute favorite brand of all time. Every other brand is utterly disgusting. And they don’t taste like bubblegum, they taste like banana!

    • Their maker is Spangler.

  7. Oh, and marshmallow peanuts are the basis for Lucky Charms, so it’s basically impossible to hate one without hating the other…

  8. Who can argue with your logic? Lucky Charms are fantastic.

    However…Circus Peanuts, not so much. Never had a good one, will never buy. Send us the “good” ones and we’ll re-review them, that much I can promise.

  9. I will say I love me some Rite Aid.

    • Rite Aid is Spangler’s (just see the name on the marshmallows themselves).

  10. I not only like Circus Peanuts but the brand you posted, Melster’s. In fact so much so that when I went to see “Kingsman” today, I took two bags today., Yesterday it was Spangler’s and two bags again when I saw “The Duff”.

  11. I ate some circus peanuts. They were good.

    • best comment ever?

  12. I know I’m a little late to this peanut bash but I have a tale to tell. It was Halloween of the year 1968. I was 8 years old and had just come from the doctor who had diagnosed my leg as severely infected and not to used for trick or treating. I was a bummed candy-less third grader until my dad thoughtfully brought a whole bag of candy of my own. My smile quickly turned upside down when circus peanuts came out of the bag…worst candy on the grid. Epilog, I had to risk losing my leg and sneak out the window of my room to trick or treat a few houses costumed as a “kid in pajamas.” Therapy is ongoing.

    • one of my favorite comments ever


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