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El Artesano’s Turron de Jijona: Straight Up Nougat

It's plain and simple: they're plain and simple

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Chupa Chups – To Suck or not to Suck, that is the Question.

If you ask my daughter what her favorite baseball team is the answer will probably be the same as the answer to the...

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El Almendro Turron Duro – Why create specific dates for happiness?

I have never quite had anything like it. The nougat really is great, crispy, crunchy, sweet with a touch of honey flavor. There is almost no tooth stick unlike what I was expecting and the fantastic almonds are muey plentiful and somehow sweet – I think – could be the nougat. They boast a 63% almond content. There is a weird paper on both sides of the bar – something like rice paper – but it didn’t really bother me.

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